You may be struggling to manage your student loans—and for good reason.  It’s a complex system that seems designed to be as confusing and user-unfriendly as possible.  There are federal loans and private loans, and multiple types of each.  Different loans have different rules and repayment options.  Some loans are eligible for forgiveness, but only if you jump through the right hoops.  If you’re married, managing your loans is even more complicated because your spouse’s federal loans and how you file your federal income taxes also affect your options.

And the stakes are high.  With interest rates anywhere from 3% to 15% (or even higher), your loan balance can grow quickly, doubling or tripling in size if you don’t make regular payments.  If you default on federal loans, the government can garnish your wages or seize your tax refund or Social Security benefits without even taking you to court.

Contact an Experienced Lawyer to Assist with your Student Loan Issues

When faced with a student loan issue, Adrian Consumer Law can help you find the best path forward.  Unlike your loan servicer, whose first priority is to collect money on your account, Adrian Consumer Law puts your best interest first.  Also, unlike your loan servicer, Adrian Consumer Law has the legal expertise necessary to educate and advise you on critical issues.  Attorney Amanda Adrian has an expert understanding of the complex web of statutes and regulations that govern federal student loans.  Attorney Adrian uses her expertise to thoroughly analyze your individual situation and explain your options, including the pros and cons of each, so that you can make the best decision.  Adrian Consumer Law can also take care of the paperwork required to apply for loan forgiveness or discharge (or appealing a denial), consolidation, rehabilitation, or a new repayment plan.  And if you have private loans, Adrian Consumer Law can evaluate your case for legal defenses to repayment, educate you on how to negotiate with private lenders, or represent you in negotiations, should you desire.